About Us


Homrain is a global online retail company that delivers products directly to consumers around the world.It was established in 2017, and registered brand trademark in 2017. We specialises in women apparel and accessories, especially in prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses and wedding party dresses, also with party accessories.We have our own factory and long-term supplier.We can make to order for all customers with many requirements in special occasion dresses.

We have our promise, First, all dresses in our store are high quality items, any items low quality are refused in our store. Second, we will try our best to control our product cost then we can provide our customers with reasonable price. Third, we provide good custom service, with 24H online chat.

Our mission is try our best to cater for all shapes and sizes, so we provide custom sizing service.Many customers have encountered many challenges beyond their imagination when buying dresses extremely eager for a fit, a variety of choices, and self confidence in any occasion. They don’t need to change themselves, the dresses should fit them better.

Our product design,we help them unleash their beauty with unique designs and sophisticated tailoring. We have diverse patterns. Floral, polka dots, sequin and unique features deserve their screams. We also provide a variety of choices for their different occasional needs so that they can showcase their sense of styles in an affordable way. We are more willing to provide all the products and services that help them to make their lives more convenient.

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